Supply Chain Management

A Supplier Network Developed and Curated for Excellence. You can count on Kem Krest to develop and execute a strategy essential to ensuring your Supply Chain’s success. As a supply chain consolidator, we become your company’s in-house commodity manager and handle demand planning, procurement, and inventory management. Kem Krest can take ownership of your inventory, freeing your resources to invest in your core competencies.

Kem Krest Supplier Quality Manual

Supply Chain Management CAPABILITIES

Supplier Development

Kem Krest develops and manages hundreds of suppliers and can identify those with new capabilities, MOQ flexibility, shorter lead times, and superior pricing structures.

Supplier Network

Kem Krest has a comprehensive supplier database and can identify alternative suppliers with specific capabilities whenever a product must be re-sourced.

Commodity Strategies

Kem Krest evaluates each program annually to create a commodity strategy. This strategy fosters an in-depth understanding of the entire supply base by commodity, assists in developing and executing a vision for running the commodity, and allows for quantified management of the supply base through performance metrics and cost controls.

Additional Capabilities

  • Procurement
  • Commodity Strategy
  • Inventory Management
  • Sourcing
  • Demand Planning
  • Product Launch
  • Inventory Ownership
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Accountability, Collaboration
  • Validation, Audits
  • Freight Management

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